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Satisfied Clients

I started fishing with Chris about seven years ago after experiencing two frustrating days at the San Juan. I am experienced but have never seen fishing like this. During our time together, Chris taught me the secrets of this fishery. The subtle takes of giant fish in crystal clear water. The advantages and disadvantages of different poles, tippet, indicators and patterns. How to land a 26 inch rainbow on a 10 ft 3 wt rod on 6x with a 26 nymph. Over the years I have trusted Chris to guide many family members and friends. My greatest fishing memory was Chris helping my 13 year old daughter perfect her hopper delivery at Sandy Hole. The smile on her face when she landed the 19 inch Brown will stay with me forever. I am excited about our next chapter as Chris helps me regain my skills after I suffered a stroke. I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to bring me back to water I love. I highly recommend Chris.

Chris Budwig, PhD

Chris Budwig

Been Fishing for three decades from Alaska to Labrador and from Maine to New Mexico. Chris is by

far the best guide I have ever engaged. 90% of his clients are repeats customers. Fishing on the San

Juan with Chris has never been disappointing. He will pace fishing around your capabilities and teach

you various techniques throughout the day. I love fishing with this guide. His objective is to have you

become a repeat customer and enjoy the San Juan for what it is. Very much concerned that the fish be

handled properly and to be released in timely manner. Chris has been my guide for 10 years. I always

check with his availability...and will only schedule accordingly. He is the GUIDE you want when fishing

the San Juan.

W.Lamarre/Las Cruces/2019

Will Lamare

I have only been out with a guide once in my life and I can say without hesitation that fishing the San Juan River with Chris was an incredible experience that far surpassed my previous guided trip.  Chris not only gave us confidence as the day went on, but he was constantly working to get us on fish.  He won't just rig you up with two flies for the day and call it good.  As soon as he rigged us up he was working on the next rig to keep us catching beautiful San Juan River rainbows and browns all day.  Chris is funny, knowledgeable, and man does he know that river.  From the get go we were into a pile of fish and there weren't many periods during the day that we weren't catching trout.  He also provided a delicious lunch and he went the extra mile by coming to meet us the night before where we were staying to show us how to tie some of the bugs that he knew would catch us fish. So, not only did we catch fish on the flies he provided for us, but we caught fish on the flies he showed us how to tie!  That is next level stuff for a guide and we appreciated his sincerity and attention to detail.  Lastly, the mending tactics and newfound knowledge about small midges I learned from him helped me catch many more fish in some extremely hard to catch fish places like Cheesman Canyon in Colorado just one week later.  I will definitely be back down to fish with Chris sooner rather than later!

-Mike Agostinho (October, 2018)

Mike Agostinho

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