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Is the San Juan River good for fishing?

The San Juan River is renowned for its excellent trout fishing! Large Rainbows, Brown trout, and insects are abundant and active year round in this river below the Navajo Dam due to the consistent water flows and temperatures controlled by the flow. This catch-and-release section of water holds world-class trout everywhere – with trout size averaging 16-18+ inches – and there are great fishing opportunities in nearly all areas of the river. You can wade fish or float the river with equal success. On the San Juan River, it's very important to sight-fish as many fishermen miss takes as the fish try and spit out flies in just a second so it's easy to miss a take!

Is the San Juan River good for fishing?

Go out with an experienced guide to learn how to spot fish plus techniques that will improve your fishing skills. Chris Gallegos, who has been guiding on the San Juan River for over 12 years, and has helped beginners and experts alike improve their skills on the water. Chris has taken clients out for over a thousand guided trips, and knows the river like the back of his hand. He loves teaching and sharing his knowledge, and fishermen book trips with him year after year – as every guided day on the river is packed with new sections to fish, and lots of new skills and techniques to learn. Read some of Chris's top San Juan River Fishing Tips »

The San Juan River good for fishing year-round

Check out Chris's five-star customer reviews on Google – one reviewer states "Chris is the best flyfishing guide on the San Juan river bar none" after over 20 years of fishing the river with him. Another long-time client says "Chris is by far the best guide I have ever engaged out of decades of experience with guides across North America." Clients appreciate his conservation ethic, proper fish handling, and going the extra mile by providing fly tying lessons and preparing multiple rigs to keep them catching fish all day.

The San Juan River good for fishing below the Navajo Dam

What is the best time of year to fish in the San Juan River?

Fish actively feed on insects year-round in this river due to the consistent flow and temperatures provided by the waters released from the Navajo Dam. There really is no definitive best time to fish this river, all seasons can provide great fishing opportunities - even in the winter months.

Chris Gallegos, San Juan River Fishing Guide

What is the best time of day to fish in the San Juan River?

There is no best time to fish the San Juan River – go fishing in the early morning, mid-day or at dusk to experience the wide range of fishing available in all times of the day. Wind is not uncommon, so learn proper fishing techniques to allow you to fish in all conditions. Going out with a guide can really increase your skills so that you can learn to fish anytime.

Chris Gallegos, San Juan River Fishing Guide – owner of Angler Management

Chris Gallegos is an authorized outfitter/guide service for Navajo Lake State Park – and he cares about this fishery. He will teach you skills to help you spot, catch and land more fish, as well as how to properly handle the fish so that they can be successfully released in good health. No matter what your experience, going out with Chris will help you improve your skills and enjoy a day on the glorious San Juan River. Reach out today to book a fishing guide trip on the San Juan River »


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