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Image by Eugene Samarin


Fly Fishing Guide - San Juan River

We love taking people out on the San Juan River for guided flyfishing trips. Here are some recent photos of some of our fly fishing guide trips on San Juan:

Fly Fishing Guide - San Juan River - Rainbow

Fly Fishing Guide - San Juan River Rainbow Trout

Fly Fishing Guide - San Juan River Rainbow Trout release

Fly Fishing Guide - San Juan River - Giant Rainbow Trout

Here are some of our five star reviews:

“Chris Gallegos (Angler Management) made a terrific fishing trip for the two of us on Nov 10th. Neither of us had been fishing in years, and the time Chris took to prep us for a good experience paid off - we both caught good-sized trout. Even better, enjoyed a beautiful half-day floating along that beautiful river at the peak of Fall color. Thanks Chris - can’t wait for the next adventure!” – Rex S.

“Chris took my teenage son and myself on a float trip on the San Juan, and we had the most amazing fishing experience ever! He immediately had us bringing in some of the largest trout we have ever caught. We clearly caught many more fish than all of the other boats we saw that day on the river. If all you expect in a guide is to catch some fish, then Chris will definitely deliver, but he will give you so much more than that. His goal is to make you a better fly fisherman by honing your casting skills, learning how to read the water better, learning how to bring in giant fish successfully on 6x tippet, and by sharing many of the pearls that he has learned over the years. It is evident that he has earned a reputation on the river of being the guide's guide, as witnessed by the many nods of respect from other guides as we pass by. The amount of detailed knowledge he possesses about fly fishing on the San Juan River is mind-blowing. He is an extremely patient teacher, giving advice in a calm and professional manner, never being overly critical. He is also a lot of fun, providing a lot of entertaining conversation on a wide variety of topics, and was able to easily relate to my teenager, which is not always an easy task. It is inspiring to learn from someone who is so dedicated and passionate about the sport, and so willing to share his knowledge to those who are eager to learn from the best. Thank you Chris for an amazing day on the river. We look forward to fishing with you again!” – John O.

”During the last 20 years I have fished with three other good guides on the San Juan River. I met Chris Gallegos by chance a few years back when the guide that I was scheduled with didn't show and Chris took me out. It has definitively been my good fortune! Chris is the best! I don't get to fish a lot so, when I do get to the San Juan I'm always a little rusty. Chris has always been patient with affirming and polishing my good skills, correcting my bad technique and teaching me new skills and methods. Chris's knowledge of the San Juan River reflects his commitment to achieving a better understanding of the river and the ecosystem to provide a quality experience for his clients and you learn something for your next trip. Chris 's concern for the health and safe handling of the fish is commendable. I'm not as agile as I used to be and don't move as fast but, Chris is always patient with me as I traverse the river. If we float, Chris will row back upstream to work a different part of a successful hole. If the fish don't bite, Chris will tie on different flies until he finds what the fish want. Chris always supplies a quality lunch and plenty of water and stops by your cabin the night before to check on you before you leave the next morning. I schedule my trip based on Chris's availability and drive two days and eleven hundred miles one way to fish with Chris. You can't go wrong with Chris Gallegos!“ – Bob O.


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